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Angler Spotlight

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Angler spotlight

Rob Brown

For our Angler spotlight, Bass-Jons would like to introduce you to Rob Brown. Rob joined the club in 2013. Rob was born in Atlanta, GA, and raised in Tallahassee, FL, lives in Norfolk, and has 6-year old son, Jayden, and a 4-year old daughter, Caelyn. Rob thinks we may see his daughter reeling in fish before his son.

 Rob's best day on the water was a lake in St. Mary’s, GA, where he hauled in an 11.2 lb bass, his largest, on a spinnerbait. Rob's biggest fish of all time was a 400 lb. Blue Marlin he caught when he was a teenager. Rob's favorite local lake(s) are Western Branch and Lake Smith and he spends a lot of time on Smith.  His favorite technique for hooking the big ones is a jig.

Rob's career in the navy keeps him pretty busy and has brought him to Norfolk for 3 tours of duty during his 13 years of service. He fishes with the club as often as he can and would love to go the pro-Angler route after he retires. So far in 2017, Rob has been paired up with Larry King and their 1st Place finish has them both off to a great start.

Good luck To Rob in 2017. When you see him at the lake be sure to get his insight on catching more and bigger fish.


Mike Peregrine

VP Bass-Jons


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hunter 3


Angler Spotlight


Hunter Ruggiero


Hunter Ruggiero is one of the upcoming power house junior anglers in the area. He had his first rod and reel in hand at age 6 and got really serious at age 13. He began fishing competitively at age 14. Hunter turns 16 this month. Hunter has been around fishing since before he can walk. I used to take him in a boat while he was an infant just so he can take his nap in the clean outdoor air.

When Hunter caught his first bass I knew he was hooked. He loves the competition and the challenge of trying to figure out the fish. Hunter’s biggest fish to date is a whopping 8.3 pounder! He also has several 7 pound bass to his credit. He has numerous top 5 finishes and a several top 3 finishes to include 1 win. This is all in his first year and a half of competitive fishing.


Hunter’s favorite time of year to fish is the spawn. He enjoys watching and learning how bass act during this phase. He is favorite lure is a jig. He will always have one tied on no matter the time of year. He is comfortable with almost any technique needed to catch fish and is proficient at all of them. Hunter’s favorite lake to fish is Lake Gaston. Unfortunately, he does not get to fish it as much as he would like too so locally his favorite lake is Cohoon.


Hunter is a self-taught drummer and plays for the Youth group and praise band at Nansemond River Baptist Church. He is also an avid baseball player and plays for the Kings Fork High School Bulldogs where he will be a junior this fall. He is in the Air Force ROTC and a well experienced waterfowl hunter. Hunter is looking at Colleges that have a Collegiate fishing program so he can compete on the College level. Currently, He has a lot of interest in Christopher Newport University.


If you get the chance to talk to Hunter about fishing you will be amazed on the amount of knowledge he has at a young age.  He strives on being the best at everything he does. He has a great attitude and enjoys every aspect of the sport.  Keep an eye on him, I’m sure you will see him at the top of the leader board in the next couple of years.


JR Ruggiero

Bass-Jons Vice President



Angler Spotlight


Tyler & Chris Ricks

I would like to introduce Chris and Tyler Ricks as the “Spotlight Anglers for March 2016”. The Ricks are new to Bass-Jons completing the 2015 season as their first season with the club. But don’t think they are not experienced anglers. The Ricks finished the 2015 season with Chris finishing second overall by nearly a few points out of first coming down to the last tournament of the year to decide Angler of the Year and Tyler won the crown of Junior Anger of the Year!

Chris is 37 years old and Tyler is 11. They were both born and raised in Suffolk, Virginia. Chris works at Dominion Power and is a newlywed marrying his wife Lindsay in September of 2015. Tyler is in the 6th grade and attends Forest Glen Middle School. Chris grew up fishing with his grandfather and has obviously passed the fishing bug down to his son Tyler. When Chris is not fishing he is Predator hunting or waterfowl hunting. Chris has hunted predators in several states for FoxPro game calls helping farmers and ranchers by minimizing the predator population on their farms.

During the 2015 season, the Ricks dominated the summertime fishing season by winning 4 of the last 6 tournaments including the club Classic. They also had the single heaviest bag of the year at 24.17 LBS! It is no surprise when you ask Chris what his favorite time of year to fish is and he says, “Summer time”! The Ricks favorite lake is Prince and favorite lure is a crankbait. Keep your eyes on these guys because I’m sure you will be seeing them at the top again!


JR Ruggiero

Vice President, Bass-Jons




                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Gabe & Phillip Thompson


This month's Angler in the Spotlight is Phillip Thompson


Phillip and his family to include wife Tammy, daughters Hannah 14 and Abigail 11, and son Gabriel 8 live in Chesapeake, VA.  Phillip is a lifelong Tidewater resident born and raised in Portsmouth and Chesapeake. 


 Phillip works as a Captain in the Norfolk, VA. fire department.  He also spends some of his time working as a paramedic with other local cities. 


 Now is where this introduction gets interesting!  Although Phillip fished as a kid like most of us, it was his son Gabriel who has been the driving force in getting his dad in the boat, on the water and chasing Bass.  In most cases the opposite is the norm.  So it has only been a year for both of these family plan members to be bass fishermen.  So I think we can safely say that the greatest influence on Phillip's fishing has been Gabriel. 


Although Phillip has both Gabriel and Abigail in the family plan it seems that Abigail just is not up to cold weather or long hours in the boat. 


This year is the first year with us in Bass-Jons and the draw here is the "Share the Knowledge" motto we practice.  When the going got tough for them he reached out to the club asking for help and got several calls and a backseat for a practice day of fishing.  Phillip was and is grateful for the help because he has already seen it bring fish to the scales but also hopes it will help him keep Gabriel excited about fishing. 


Phillip's favorite lake is Cohoon using Senior in the spring. 


So when you see the Thompson family at the boat launch walk on over and say hello.  Let Gabriel's enthusiasm wash over you and get feeling good about your day.  But watch out, one day soon the Thompsons are going to kick some tail. 


Share the knowledge and learn the sport.  Help others do the same. 


Dave Evans


Vice President Bass-Jons 




Angler Introduction for March


This month's introduction will be a little short since we are all just now getting to know the angler known as Frank Soles.  Frank and his lovely wife Sandy split their time between their home in Kill Devil Hills NC and Suffolk where they settled more years ago than he was willing to guess at. Just check out the full head of white hair and make

a guess. Frank was born in Bladenboro, NC and has lived in Portsmouth VA and Suffolk. He and Sandy are currently living in KDH.


Frank is the proud father of Frank Jr. And has two grandchildren. Frank is currently fishing the family plan with his grandson Hunter. Frank is retired from Norfolk Naval Shipyard in Portsmouth. He was in the quality assurance department at NNSY.


Like most of us Frank started fishing about the same time he could carry his own cane pole. He started out fishing with his dad then at about 18 he started fishing with his father in law and learned the joys and frustrations of bass fishing. After last Saturdays tournament many of us better understand the frustration part.


Frank loves to fish but his favorite time is summer. Just picture him in his boat in a Panama hat, sunglasses, leaned back with a toothpick in his teeth and a limit of bass in the live well.  Frank told me his favorite lake for all seasons is Lake Meade. His overall favorite bait is a spinner-bait but for spring he will also go with a jig. For summer he likes soft plastics especially worms. In the fall he goes back to a spinner and augments it with plastics. In winter he likes a hot chocolate but uses jigs and spinners on the bass.

Frank joined Bass-Jons this year with his grandson Hunter. Neither of them have fished other clubs or trails but are looking forward to that challenge in the future. So next time you are at the launch say hello to Frank and ask him what "works on Meade!"

New for 2015 is our Angler Introduction.
Angler Introduction
January 2015 Introduction is for Casey Griggs.
Casey is married to the lovely Jennifer and has children ranging from 18 years old to 4 years old. Scott, Grace, Haylee and Bryce are the two legged children and we noticed that Jennifer had been bringing their newest 4 legged family member to weigh-ins last fall. Don’t know the littlest ones name but come to the weigh-in and meet up.
Casey can be considered a bit unusual in the Tidewater Virginia area in that he was born and raised right here in Suffolk. He did make several moves in his growing up time in that he went to High School in Windsor and spent a few years in Murfreesboro, North Carolina. Although he makes his home right here in Suffolk he works as a paramedic in North Hampton county North Carolina.
I asked Casey who got him started and kept up his interest in fishing and he told me he started fishing for pan fish with his mother using an old cane pole and a piece of string at the age of 6. He also remembers watching his father chase bass with a rod and reel casting an old jelly worm. (By the way they still work.) That is where he took off and has become one of Bass Jons leading lights. So to continue the saga Casey heard about the club and joined us in Bass Jons in 2012.
Since joining the club Casey has shown a lot of us how to catch fish. I asked him to share with us his favorite lakes and lures and when he most likes to fish them. He did mention that he enjoys the prespawn most of all.
Summer: Joyner’s Bridge on the Blackwater using frogs, bang o lures, and sencos.
Winter: Prince using #7 Shad Rap and Silver Buddy.
Spring: Prince using Rattletrap and Jigs
Fall: Cohoon using Senco and crank baits.
Although Casey has not been with the club very long he already has put up an impressive record of catches and wins. His best first place came in 2014 when he caught 19.45 lbs in 5 fish. He also was the boater winner in 2013 in the Bass Jons Classic.
Make sure you get to know Casey and pick his brain about the local water and bass fishing in general. We all want to share the knowledge.
Dave Evans


May 2012 Angler Spotlight: Joe, Josh and Hunter Huggins


The angler of the month for May 2012 is the Huggins Family.  Please take a minute to pat Joe and his boys on their backs for their outstanding catching during April.

During April, Joe, Josh and Hunter’s consistency made them stand out and earn the recognition of Angler of the Month.  On the 7th at the Lake Cahoon tournament Joe, fishing with Tony, brought in 5 fish for 11 pounds, 6 ounces, with a 3-pound kicker.  Less than 1.5 pounds from the top spot and good for a solid for 3rd place finish.  On the 21st at Western Branch Joe, this time with Hunter, again finished high in the tournament standings at 4th place. Their 5-fish creel came in at 13 pounds, 4 ounces, with an even bigger 4.5 pound lunker.  Joe is currently in 7th place in the AOY standings and if he keeps going, we’ll see him near the top in November. The anchors of the Huggins fishing team, Tony and Hunter, are in 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the Junior Division.

Joe and his family joined Bass-Jons in 2008.  Since then, Joe, fishing with his sons, has finished in the top 20 every year.  When they are able to fish a string of tournaments, they always make a respectable finish.  Joe is also in the Club “Hall of Fame” recording a 6.5 pound lunker in 2010, fishing with Josh at Lake Prince; another high finish and the big bass for that tournament.

Excellent effort Joe, Josh and Hunter keep it up!

As always, the Angler Spotlight highlights those anglers who share their fishing knowledge to help the rest of us become better anglers.


Angler Spotlight - April 2012 - Dan Griffin



 The Angler of the Month for April 2012, is Dan Griffin.  Please take a minute to congratulate him for this recognition.

During March, one angler stood out above the others.  Dan is in this month's spotlight.  During the March 10th tournament at Lake Meade, Dan, fishing with Chaz, brought enough fish to the weigh in to secure a 2nd place finish and tied for lunker of the tournament.  At the Burnt Mills tournament, Dan survived a fall into the lake and lost a rod and reel.  He continued to fish through the end of the tournament and was still able to bring some fish to the scales.

Dan joined Bass-Jons in 2008 and has become a respected member of the club.  Dan is the current club President and successfully completed a stint as the Vice President in 2011.

Dan is highlighted in the club "Hall of Fame" and holds the distinction as having brought the second smallest, 5-fish limit to weigh in, ever.  Five fish weighing a mere 2 pounds and 12 ounces.  His five fish averaged just over 8 ounces each.  A feat only bested by two other anglers.  More impressive was Dan's largest limit.  He brought a whopping 18 pounds to the scales in April 2009, proving that he can catch them all, both big and small.  Dan finishes near the top at every tournament and at the end of the year can be found near the top of the list for Angler of the Year.

Good job Dan and thanks for helping the rest of us catch more fish.

As always, the Angler Spotlight highlights those anglers who share their fishing knowledge to help the rest of us become better anglers.

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