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2011 Lunker(s) of the Year


For the February 2012 Angler Spotlight, we’re highlighting the 2011 Lunker of the Year winners, Roccoa Spurlin and Mike Kane.  Please take a minute and congratulate them for their efforts and successes during 2011.  Like the Angler of the Year races, Lunker of the Year came down to the wire and ended in an uncommon tie.  Both Roccoa and Mike landed a 6 pound, 14 ounce lunker.


Roccoa Spurlin



Roccoa’s fish came in one of the more unlikely bodies of water that Bass-Jons fishes; the Nottaway River, from the 258 Bridge, in May.  Although the river is not known as a big fish producer, Roccoa, fishing with his son Arte, out fished a field of 20 boats to bring in a 12 pound, 2 ounce, 5-fish limit with the 6-14 kicker.  This is the largest bass caught at a Bass-Jons tournament held at the river.  During 2011, Roccoa frequently fished with Sandy or Arty as part of the family plan, and his year included some other noteworthy catches and finishes, including 6 top-five finishes and other hawgs in the 4 and 5 pound classes.  Roccoa starting fishing with Bass-Jons in 2005, and is listed in the club “Hall of Fame” with a 6-pounder weighed in 2006.  In 2007, Roccoa was the annual Classic champ and stepped up to be the club’s vice-president in 2009.  In addition to fishing with Bass-Jons, Roccoa fishes the Region 7 Bass Tournaments. Nice fish Roccoa, congratulations!


Mike Kane



Mike caught his lunker in dramatic fashion, near the end of the year, at what was considered to be the last opportunity for someone to make a move to beat the 6 pound, 14 ounce lunker landed earlier in the year.  Mike, who has been fishing in the club’s family plan with Nancy, was able to beat the crowd and topped of their tournament winning, 5-fish limit with this trophy fish.  In 2011, Mike and Nancy fished 12 of the year’s 16 tournaments and finished in the top ten 7 times while weighing fish over 4 pounds on more than one occasion.  Mike starting fishing with Bass Jons in 2005 and finally brought Nancy on board to help him out in 2010.  Nice fish Mike, good luck in 2012.