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Angler Spotlight

Angler Spotlight, March 2012: Rick Cornett


The Angler Spotlight, for March 2012, is Rick Cornett.  Rick started fishing with Bass-Jons in 2009 recognized as a solid angler.  He has done well every year, placing in the top 10 at most tournaments and in the top 15 overall in two of the last 3 years.  Rick usually fishes as part of the club’s family plan with his son, Tyler or wife Kerrie.  When Rick is not fishing with Bass-Jons, he’s on the FLW tour.  Rick has been fishing with FLW since 2007 where he has a top 10 finish and in 2011 brought an 18lb, 5oz limit to the weigh in.  Rick is always ready to share his insight and knowledge on fishing-thanks Rick.

Congratulations Rick and good luck in 2012.


2011 Lunker(s) of the Year


For the February 2012 Angler Spotlight, we’re highlighting the 2011 Lunker of the Year winners, Roccoa Spurlin and Mike Kane.  Please take a minute and congratulate them for their efforts and successes during 2011.  Like the Angler of the Year races, Lunker of the Year came down to the wire and ended in an uncommon tie.  Both Roccoa and Mike landed a 6 pound, 14 ounce lunker.


Roccoa Spurlin



Roccoa’s fish came in one of the more unlikely bodies of water that Bass-Jons fishes; the Nottaway River, from the 258 Bridge, in May.  Although the river is not known as a big fish producer, Roccoa, fishing with his son Arte, out fished a field of 20 boats to bring in a 12 pound, 2 ounce, 5-fish limit with the 6-14 kicker.  This is the largest bass caught at a Bass-Jons tournament held at the river.  During 2011, Roccoa frequently fished with Sandy or Arty as part of the family plan, and his year included some other noteworthy catches and finishes, including 6 top-five finishes and other hawgs in the 4 and 5 pound classes.  Roccoa starting fishing with Bass-Jons in 2005, and is listed in the club “Hall of Fame” with a 6-pounder weighed in 2006.  In 2007, Roccoa was the annual Classic champ and stepped up to be the club’s vice-president in 2009.  In addition to fishing with Bass-Jons, Roccoa fishes the Region 7 Bass Tournaments. Nice fish Roccoa, congratulations!


Mike Kane



Mike caught his lunker in dramatic fashion, near the end of the year, at what was considered to be the last opportunity for someone to make a move to beat the 6 pound, 14 ounce lunker landed earlier in the year.  Mike, who has been fishing in the club’s family plan with Nancy, was able to beat the crowd and topped of their tournament winning, 5-fish limit with this trophy fish.  In 2011, Mike and Nancy fished 12 of the year’s 16 tournaments and finished in the top ten 7 times while weighing fish over 4 pounds on more than one occasion.  Mike starting fishing with Bass Jons in 2005 and finally brought Nancy on board to help him out in 2010.  Nice fish Mike, good luck in 2012.


Angler Spotlight - January 2012 - 2011 Anglers of the Year


The angler(s) of the month for January 2012 are the 2011 Anglers of the Year.  Please take a minute and congratulate them for their efforts and successes during 2011.

Rick Burton

2011 was a tight race for Angler of the Year.  Several other anglers were within just a few points of the top spot and only after the last scheduled tournament was it known that Rick would be the 2011 champion.  Rick’s best finishing weight in 2011 was caught on June 4th, at Lake Smith.  Rick and Cole weighed 5 fish for 19 pounds, 6 ounces with a 5 pound, 2 ounce lunker. Rick had 2 other limits over 17 pounds during the year.  One of the highlights of the year for Rick, and the rest of us, was the 9 pound, 2 ounce lunker he caught at Lake Cahoon during this year’s Classic.
Rick starting fishing with Bass Jons in 2007, is a strong competitor, and has always been in the top 10 at the end of the year.  In 2008 Rick took the reigns as club tournament director and immediately won Lunker of the Year that year with an 8 pound, 2 ounce “hawg.”  Rick is listed in the club Hall of Fame 6-pound club (2009) and has one of the all-time smallest 5-fish limits in club history (2007)…2pounds, 13 ounces, WOW.  Rick has also been running the Winter Series Tournaments and of course does as well during the cold weather as he does during the rest of the year.  Good job Rick and we hope we’ll be able to keep up with you in 2012.

Dave Evans

2011 was the second year of highlighting the co-angler of the year.  In 2011 the  Co-Angler of the Year was as tight as the AOY race.  A number of members were within a few points of the top spot and only after the last tournament was the Co-Angler of Year decided, with Dave Evans earning top honors.  Dave’s best finish in 2011 was in March, on Lake Prince.  Fishing with Luther Showaker, they weighed 5 fish for 14 pounds, 6 ounces. Dave also had a 1st place finish at Burnt Mills later in the year.
Dave is one of the club’s founding members and some of his accomplishments are recorded in the club Hall of Fame.  In 2005 Dave became a member of the 7-pound club, weighting a 7 pound, 7 ounce bucketmouth.  In 2006 he made the 6-pound club weighing a 6 pound lunker, and in 2008 he and Bill Saunders won the Annual Club Classic at Lake Smith weighing 5 fish for 16 pounds, 4 ounces with a 5 pound, 12 ounce lunker.  Dave can always be relied on to share his fishing knowledge with the club.  Great Job Dave and good luck in 2012.

Mike Taylor

The second annual Junior Angler of the Year (2011) is Mike Taylor.  2011 was Mike’s first year fishing with the club.  Many of the club’s non-boaters were envious of Mike being able to fish with Jim Carlson during the year.  Mike’s best finish in 2011 was during April on Western Branch. Mike and Jim weighed 5 fish for 16 pounds, 8 ounces. Mike also had a 2nd and two 3rd-place finishes during the year. Mike also bagged a 6.5-pounder out of Western Branch during March, his first one over five pounds. Thanks for fishing with the club this year Mike and we hope to see more from you in the future.

Angler Spotlight - Walt De Graaf





I moved to Virginia from New Jersey about 17 years ago. After my retirement, I decided to become an Elvis impersonator, specializing in private shows, weddings, and private parties, including charity events.

I joined Bass-Jons and have thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a greate group of guys. I usually fish with my friends Eddie Sal, Jim Carlson, and my neighbor Bruce Gregory. We all have a great time. I have had my share of 7 and 8 pounders, but I am witing for the big one! Maybe this year!

Walt is one of the nicest guys in the club, and he represents everything that is good about Bass-Jons.  He is always willing to "Share the Knowledge", and he is usually one of the first to respond when another non-boater member wants to go fishing.  Walt is well known for his prowress with a senko, and he always seems to be able to find a big bass.  Walt is so generous and well respected that I had multiple people recommend that Walt be our Angler Spotlight. 



Angler Spotlight - Dennis Sclater


Dennis  and Abby

Dennis and Jason McClenny



I have been an angler as long as I can remember. My first memories were rowing my Dad in an old jon boat. Once he gave me the opportunity to get to the front of the boat I've been there ever since. He gave me support when I was fishing and not catching. The last 10 yrs we have a special trip we take to the swamp. He still rides with me back seat of course, he's taught me I believe the best part of fishing. Its not if your catching or not its what you take in when the sun comes up over the misty water and you try to listen for any sound. Its the peace not only of fishing but how to carry that time with you! So now I have that opportunity w/ Abby as we stop at our first location she just See's whats important and understands how to carry it through too! Thank you Dad 

Dennis is our Tournament Director for 2011, and he has already done a great job getting things organized for our upcoming season.  Dennis is a solid angler who is able to use "out of the box" thinking to catch fish even in the toughest conditions.  Dennis will come in with fish when alot of other people are coming up empty.  He is always more than willing to "Share the Knowledge," which make him a perfect candidate for Angler Spotlight.  Dennis, good luck in the upcoming season!  




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