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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2009 Western Branch - July 11, 2009

Western Branch - July 11, 2009

 Western Branch - July 11, 2009

Rick & Bob 1st Place

JB & Walt 2nd Place

Bill 3rd Place and Lunker

Aida & Vitor

Rick & Luther

Dan & Jason


Jerry & Josh


Mike & Mike


Lenny & Dave


The day started out mild, light winds and cool temps in the morning had the top water bite on. Once the sun and heat hit, it ended. However the crank-bait was working all day long and brining in some nice fish. Soft plastics accounted for the majority of fish. Surprising weights for this time of year, just shows you that these Suffolk lakes are indeed full of top quality fish. Pictures pending.



Boater Non Boater # Fish Big Fish Total Weight
1 Bob Bullen Rick Williams 5 6lbs 4ozs 20lbs 4ozs
2 Walt DeGraaf James Brown 5 6lbs 10ozs 17lbs 4ozs
3 Bill Sparrow 5 6lbs 14ozs 16lbs 6ozs
4 Victor Lopez Aida 5 5lbs 6ozs 11lbs 14ozs
5 Luther Showaker Rick Burton 4 6lbs 2ozs 10lbs 14ozs
6 Dan Griffin Jason McClenny 5 10lbs 6ozs
7 Huck Palmatier Darren Manicone 4 9lbs10 ozs
8 Chaz Carrington Joe Reilly 5 9lbs 4ozs
9 Jerry Patterson Josh 3 8lbs 12ozs
10 Mike Peregrine Mike Howie 5 6lbs 14ozs
11 Jim North 2 4lbs 14ozs
12 Joe Huggins Tony 3 4lbs 10ozs
13 Dennis Sclater Steve Loveless 2 3lbs 4ozs 4lbs 8ozs
14 Lenny Durso Dave Evans 4 4lbs 2ozs
15 Mike Kane Luther Young 1 1lb 12ozs
16 Rick Cornett Tyler 2 1lb 6ozs
17 Richard Burton Jordan 1 4ozs
18 Roccoa Spurlin 0
19 Ken Boulier 0