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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2009 Classic - Lake Prince - October 24, 2009

Classic - Lake Prince - October 24, 2009


Jim and Rick

2009 Classic Champions - Jim Carlson and Rick Williams

Mike Kane

Bob Bullen and Joe Reilly

Darren Manicone and Dennis Sclater

Shane and Jerry Patterson

Rick Burton

Walt Degraff and Mike Howie

Mostly sunny and breezy.  Water temps in the low to high 60s throughout the day.  Eleven teams managed eight 5-fish limits.  Most fish came on Senkos and crankbaits. More than $700 in winnings was paid out. Jim Carlson and Rick Williams managed to bring the best limit…5 Fish for 15lbs 4ozs and lunker of the day, a nice 5lb hawg.  Good job Jim and Rick. 

A great tournament to end a good and competitive year of fishing.  See you all next year!


  Boater Non Boater # Fish Big Fish Total Weight
1 Jim Carlson Rick Williams 5 5lbs 15lbs 4ozs
2 Mike Kane   5 4lbs 10ozs 11lbs 12ozs
3 Jerry Patterson Shane 5   8lbs 4ozs
4 Lenny Durso Romel Soriano 5 2lbs 12ozs 7lbs
5 Bob Bullen Joe Reilly 5 1lb 14oz 6lbs 6ozs
6 Roccoa Rick B 5 1lb 12ozs 6lbs 6ozs
7 Luther Showaker Dave Evans 5 2lbs 8ozs 5lbs 12ozs
8 Dennis Sclater Darren Manicone 3 2lbs 14ozs 4lbs 4ozs
9 Walt Degraff Mike Howie 5 1lb 8ozs 4lbs 4ozs
10 Mike Peregrine Huck Palmatier 3   1lb 8ozs
11 Bill Sparow James Brown 0