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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2011 Burnt Mills - 4/23/2011

Burnt Mills - 4/23/2011

17 boats came out to fish Bass-Jons fifth tournament of the year.  Water temperatures were 64-70, and the morning started out cloudy but the sun came out later in the day.  The wind blew 10-20mph as it has for most of the tournaments this year, which once again put a damper on the bed fishing opportunities.  Shakey heads accounted for many of the high finishes; however, at least the first two places came on bed fishing, with Moose Wells and Adrin Wells taking home the win with a nice 15 lb 12 oz bag.  Second went to Chris Griffin and Adam Bach with 13 lbs 10 oz.  They had their 5th fish (and a possible win) in sight before Chris Griffin (aka PK) bent his trolling motor shaft on a stump and took a swim.  That trolling motor has taken a beating this year!  Third and big fish went to Mike Peregrine and Dave Evans with 13 lbs 4 oz plus a 5 lb 10 oz lunker. 

The top 3 in the AOY standings remained about the same, with Mike Peregrine on top, followed by Chaz Carrington, who is 9 points behind.  Rick Burton continues to hold down the 3rd spot, 16 points behind Mike Peregrine.  The Junior-AOY lead is still held by Michael Taylor, while Adam Bach and Dave Evans have moved up to a tie for Co-AOY.

Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Moose WellsAdrin wells55 lbs 6 oz15 lbs 12 oz
2Chris Griffin Adam Bach 44 lbs 10 oz13 lbs 10 oz
3Mike PeregrineDave Evans45 lbs 10 oz13 lbs 4 oz
4Mike Kane Nancy Fox44 lbs 8 oz13 lbs 4 oz
5Rick BurtonCole Barnett53 lbs 8 oz13 lbs 4 oz
6Derek SandoffSon44 lbs 6 oz11 lbs 12 oz
7Victor LopezAida Lopez54 lbs 4 oz9 lbs 0 oz
8Chaz Carrington Marion Martin 40 lbs 0 oz8 lbs 4 oz
9Luther Showaker Mike Howie50 lbs 0 oz8 lbs 2 oz
10Joe Huggins Hunter Huggins40 lbs 0 oz6 lbs 6 oz
11Huck Palmatier20 lbs 0 oz5 lbs 8 oz
12Bret VaughnRick Williams30 lbs 0 oz5 lbs 4 oz
13Jim CarlsonMike Taylor24 lbs 0 oz5 lbs 19 oz
14Roccoa SpurlinArty Spurlin40 lbs 0 oz5 lbs 4 oz
15Rob CrossJames Brown50 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 8 oz
16Dennis SclaterRoger Mcfann21 lbs 12 oz2 lbs 6 oz
17Mike Cain Guest30 lbs 0 oz2 lbs 2 oz