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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2011 Bass-Jons Classic - Lake Cohoon - October 15, 2011

Bass-Jons Classic - Lake Cohoon - October 15, 2011

Bass-Jons closed their season with their annual Classic at Lake Cohoon on October 15th.  You couldn’t have asked for a better day, with temps in low seventies, bright sunny skies, and some wind, making it an ideal day for the Classic.  Eleven teams battled during the last event of the year, and everyone but one had a limit.  The big story of the day was Rick Burton and Huck Palmatier who took first place, the Lunker prize, and the side pot.  Rick’s Lunker weighed in at 9 lbs 2 ozs. which is the largest fish taken during a Bass-Jon’s tournament in our ten season history.  Rick also happens to be the Bass-Jons Angler of the Year, so this caps off a perfect season for him.  Well done Rick!

1st: Rick Burton & Huck Palmatier  5 Fish, Lunker 9.02 lbs Total 14 lbs
2nd: Larry King & Dave Evans  5 Fish, Lunker 5.08 lbs Total 9.14 lbs
3rd: Jim Carlson & Mike Taylor  5 Fish, Lunker 4.00 lbs Total 8.10 lbs
4th: Mike Peregrine & Walt DeGraaf  5 Fish, Lunker 3.08 lbs Total 8.04 lbs
5th: Luther Showaker & Adam Bach  5 Fish, Lunker 3.10 lbs Total 6.02 lbs
6th: Mike Kane & Nancy Fox   5 Fish, Lunker 2.02 lbs Total 5.08 lbs
7th: Mike Schneider & Greg Thompson 5 Fish, Lunker 1.14 lbs Total 4.14 lbs
8th: Bob Bullen & James Brown  5 Fish, Lunker 1.12 lbs Total 4.12 lbs
9th: Victor & Aida Lopez   5 Fish, Total 4.04 lbs
10th: Roccoa Spurlin & Marion Martin 5 Fish, Total 4.02 lbs
11th: Rob Cross & Mike Howie  4 Fish, Total 2.14 lbs