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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2012 Bass-Jons Winter Series - Lake Prince - 1/7/2012

Bass-Jons Winter Series - Lake Prince - 1/7/2012

Luther Showaker - 1st Place

5 boats and 8 anglers fished Lake Prince on Jan. 7th.  The day started out a little chilly, but ended up in the 60's with a slight breeze.  Reports had water temps ranging from 41 to 50 (end of day).  When the weigh in came at 2pm, the fish were scarce.  Luther Showaker took home the win with a 3 fish bag for 7.08 lbs, followed closely by Rick Burton whose 2 fish, 6.04 lb bag was anchored by the lunker of the day, an extremely long and skinny 4.12 lb bass.  No other fish were brought to the scales.  The winning bag was caught on creature baits while the lunker was caught on a shakey head.  The small fish of the day was won by Luther with a 1.02 lb mule.

The winter points standings were also shaken up a bit this weekend with Rick Burton taking the lead over Mike Peregrine and Victor Lopez by 8 points. Mike and Victor remain tied for 2nd, and Luther moved into 4th place, just 8 points behind.  We hope to see everyone on February 4th.  Here are the current standings:

1. Rick Burton 61
2. Mike Peregrine 53
2. Victor Lopez 53
4. Luther Showaker 45
5. Josh Adkisson 42
6. Walt DeGraaf 40
7. Chris Griffin 39
8. Jim Carlson 38
9. Dennis Sclater 32
10. Romel Soriano 21
11. Dan Griffin 15