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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2012 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Burnt Mills - 3/24/2012

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Burnt Mills - 3/24/2012

Bass-Jons fished their second tournament of the season at Burnt Mills.  Many of the 17 boats that fished hoped that they would be greeted with some early spawning action, due to the warm air temperatures and water temperatures in the 70's. However, Mother Nature did not necessarily cooperate on that front.  Sunny skies and light winds gave way to rain and clouds for most of the fishing day, making sight fishing difficult for most.  While the winning bag, as well as several other bags, was caught on the beds, most anglers reported catching the fish "just fishing", using baits such as senkos, jigs, and crankbaits. 

The winning weight was caught by Rick Burton at 15 lbs 4 oz.  He also had the "big fish" of the day at 4 lbs even, which is an uncharacteristically small lunker for a spawning tournament.  His entire bag came from sight fishing, as he reported catching 9 fish on jigs.  Second place went to Luther Showaker and Marion Martin at 12 lbs 10 oz, and they caught their fish on senkos (not sight fishing).  Third place went to Larry King and guest Mike Crescini at 11 lbs 14 oz.  They also reported catching their fish on beds with jigs. 

There were numerous "misadventures" reported as a result of the difficult conditions, combined with low water and the stumpy nature of Burnt Mills.  Many anglers reported hitting and/or getting stuck on stumps throughout the day.  Dan Griffin reported hitting a stump while trolling the bank and falling overboard, losing a rod in the process.  However, he was outdone by the team of Victor and Aida Lopez.  They got their boat stuck on a stump, and tried for over an hour to free it through conventional means.  In the meantime, they nearly capsized their boat, which would have resulted in a lost of all equipment and perhaps serious injury.  Finally, they had to both get out of the boat into the water, and Victor had to go underwater, wrap his legs around the stump, and push the boat off with his shoulder from underneath.  We are glad that nobody got hurt, and everyone who went in the water was going to get wet anyway, due to the constant rains! The next event is at Lake Cohoon on April 7th.  This event should also feature bed fishing, so hopefully the weather will cooperate and make it a bit easier on the anglers.

Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Rick Burton54 lbs 0 oz15 lbs 4 oz
2Luther ShowakerMarion Martin53 lbs 12 oz12 lbs 10 oz
3Larry kingGuest53 lbs 10 oz11 lbs 14 oz
4Bob BullenJames Brown53 lbs 4 oz10 lbs 4 oz
5Lenny Durso33 lbs 4 oz9 lbs 14 oz
6Chaz CarringtonGuest53 lbs 4 oz9 lbs 6 oz
7Dennis SclaterGuest53 lbs 4 oz6 lbs 10 oz
8Victor LopezAida Lopez32 lbs 14 oz6 lbs 6 oz
9Mike PeregrineRoccoa Spurlin51 lbs 8 oz5 lbs 12 oz
10Mike KaneNancy Fox42 lbs 12 oz5 lbs 4 oz
11Joe HugginsJosh Huggins50 lbs 0 oz4 lbs 14 oz
12Dan Griffin22 lbs 10 oz4 lbs 4 oz
13Bill FieldAdam Bach50 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 8 oz
14Huck PalmaiterMike Howie20 lbs 0 oz2 lbs 6 oz
15Curtis HarmsGreg Thompson11 lbs 8 oz1 lbs 8 oz
16Rob Cross20 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 10 oz
17Moose WellsAdrin Wells00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz