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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2012 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Lake Cohoon - 4/7/2012

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Lake Cohoon - 4/7/2012

Bass-Jons fished their third tournament of the year at Lake Cohoon.  Typically, this tournament marks the start of the spawn where those that "look" instead of "just fish" can have some success with the possibility of a big reward.  The record warmth in March had the fish on the beds much sooner than normal, so the anticipation was high for a full-on bed fishing event.  However, due to a cold front that brought about winter-like nighttime lows, it was not to be at Lake Cohoon on Saturday.  Most of the top finishers caught their fish on senkos, jigs, and plastics just fishing normally instead of looking for fish on beds.  There were reports of a few fishing being caught on beds, but the vast majority were not caught that way, including the top three finishers, as well as most of the larger fish. 

Jim Carlson managed to bring in the winning sack at 12 lbs 10 oz.  His fish were caught fishing trick worms over deeper water off the bank.  His limit included a 4 lb 10 oz fish that turned out to be the second biggest fish of the event.  More importantly, that fish gave him the tiebreaker over second place finisher Chaz Carrington, who also came in with 12 lbs 10 oz.  His fish came on a variety of techniques, including jigs and senkos.  Third place went to Joe Huggins and Tony Huggins at 11 lbs 6 oz.  The big fish of the tournament, and new Lunker of the Year, went to Victor Lopez (who fished with Aida Lopez) at 5 lbs even.  Pics will be posted when I receive them.

With three events in the books, the angler of the year race is starting to take shape.  There are three familiar faces at the top of the standings.  First place is Chaz Carrington at 38 points, who has a pair of 2nd place finishes to his credit this season so far.  Second place is Luther Showaker, who is close behind at 36 points on the strength of three solid finishes in the first three events.  Third place is defending AOY Rick Burton at 31 points.  He has a first place finish to his credit at Burnt Mills.  The Co-Angler of the Year is led by Aida Lopez at 30 points, and the Lunker of the Year is headed up by her husband Victor Lopez with a 5 lb lunker.

The next event is at Western Branch on April 21st.  Let's hope for good weather leading up the the event.

Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Jim Carlson54 lbs 10 oz12 lbs 10 oz
2Chaz Carrington53 lbs 14 oz12 lbs 10 oz
3Joe HugginsTony Huggins53 lbs 0 oz11 lbs 6 oz
4Victor LopezAida Lopez45 lbs 0 oz11 lbs 4 oz
5Mike KaneNancy Fox53 lbs 4 oz10 lbs 12 oz
6Dennis SclaterLarry King43 lbs 10 oz9 lbs 6 oz
7Luther Showaker30 lbs 0 oz8 lbs 12 oz
8Rob Cross41 lbs 12 oz5 lbs 14 oz
9Mike PeregrineRick Williams51 lbs 12 oz5 lbs 12 oz
10Dan GriffinBill Field24 lbs 6 oz5 lbs 2 oz
11Greg ThompsonDillon Thompson32 lbs 6 oz4 lbs 8 oz
12Rick BurtonCole Burnette20 lbs 0 oz4 lbs 4 oz
13Chriss GriffinAdam Bach20 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 6 oz
14Bob BullenMike Howie13 lbs 2 oz3 lbs 2 oz
15Rick CornettTyler Cornette10 lbs 0 oz2 lbs 8 oz
16Lenny DursoJames Brown10 lbs 14 oz0 lbs 14 oz
17Roccoa Spurlin00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz
17Moose WellsJoe Wells00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz
17Huck PalmatierKenny Boulier00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz
17Walt DeGraaf00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz
17Curtis Harms00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz