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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2012 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Nottoway River - 5/19/2012

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Nottoway River - 5/19/2012

Bass-Jons fished their 6th tournament of the year out of the 258 launch ramp on the Nottoway, Blackwater, and Chowan Rivers.  This venue typically produces good numbers of fish for Bass-Jons, while quality can sometimes be hard to find.  In this case, both quality and quantity were tough to come by.  Weather was good with mostly sunny skies and medium winds.  The 70 degree water was stained, and the level dropped by over a foot shortly after blast-off.  Whatever the reason, whether it was the significant rains during the week, the dropping level, or the stain (or a combination of all), the fish were not cooperating.  Only four teams out of 15 managed a limit on a river system that usually sees the entire field bring in five fish.  Many anglers reported catching fish on some sort of plastic, especially a senko, and several caught fish early but then were skunked for the remainder of the day.

The top two finishers caught fish on shad-imitating baits that were moving.  First place went to Victor and Aida Lopez at 6 lbs 12 oz.  They caught their fish on a pop-r and a white spinnerbait and their bag also included a tie for tournament "big fish" at 2 lbs 6 oz.  Second place went to Dan Griffin and guest Chris Pride with 5 lbs 12 oz.  Their fish came on a torpedo and crankbaits.  Third place went to Mike Peregrine and Dave Evans at 4 lbs 14 oz, and their limit came on senkos.  Huck Palmatier had the other big fish of the tournament with another 2 lb 6 oz "lunker". 

The next event is at Lake Smith on June 2nd, where historically 6 lbs 12 oz has not even finished in the top 10, and winners have often weighed bags that didn't even include a fish as small as 2 lbs 6 oz.  Bass-Jons should look for better results there.  Let's hope so.

Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Victor LopezAida Lopez52 lbs 6 oz6 lbs 12 oz
2Dan GriffinGuest - Chris Pride51 lbs 8 oz5 lbs 12 oz
3Mike PeregrineDave Evans51 lbs 10 oz4 lbs 14 oz
4Larry KingJames Brown51 lbs 8 oz4 lbs 2 oz
5Josh AdkissonChaz Carrington32 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 10 oz
6Walt DeGraafMike Howie40 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 4 oz
7Rick Burton30 lbs 0 oz3 lbs 2 oz
8Huck Palmatier12 lbs 6 oz2 lbs 6 oz
9Rick Cornett21 lbs 12 oz2 lbs 6 oz
10Joe HugginsHunter Hunter30 lbs 0 oz2 lbs 0 oz
11Roccoa SpurlinKen Knowles20 lbs 0 oz1 lbs 8 oz
12Bob BullenGuest11 lbs 2 oz1 lbs 2 oz
12Jim Carlson11 lbs 2 oz1 lbs 2 oz
12Mike KaneNancy Fox11 lbs 2 oz1 lbs 2 oz
13Luther Showaker00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz