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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2012 Bass-Jons Classic - Burnt Mills - 10/20/2012

Bass-Jons Classic - Burnt Mills - 10/20/2012

Bass-Jons held it's classic on Burnt Mills.  The day was perfect and the fish were biting for the majority of the club.  Jim Carlson and Lenny Durso took 1st Place, plus lunker.  Temps were in the 70's, sunny and barometer reading 29.76 throughout the day.  Anglers reported that most fish were taken on soft plastics and one with a pig and jig.  Everyone had a great time, and they were already talking about next season.

Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Jim CarlsonLenny Durso55 lbs 0 oz12 lbs 6 oz
2Curtis HarmsRoccoa Spurlin54 lbs 2 oz9 lbs 0 oz
3Rick BurtonWalt DeGraaf53 lbs 6 oz8 lbs 8 oz
4Rick CornettMike Howie53 lbs 2 oz7 lbs 14 oz
5Marion Martin52 lbs 12 oz7 lbs 8 oz
6Luther ShowakerDave Evans53 lbs 4 oz7 lbs 2 oz
7Huck PalmatierDennis Sclater52 lbs 10 oz6 lbs 10 oz
8Larry King51 lbs 10 oz6 lbs 0 oz
9Greg ThompsonJames Brown50 lbs 0 oz5 lbs 2 oz
10Victor LopezAida Lopez50 lbs 0 oz4 lbs 8 oz
11Bob Bullen00 lbs 0 oz0 lbs 0 oz