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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2014 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Western Branch - 4/19/2014

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Western Branch - 4/19/2014

Casey Griggs with a nice Set of Fish


Bass-Jons held its fourth tourney of the year at Western Branch, and on years with great weather, this tournament usually yields an outstanding spawn bite.  However, that wasn't to be, as the weather was terrible.  Three days before the tournament, a cold front swept through the area, driving temps from the 70 down to the low 50's.  The temperatures on tournament day hovered at 50 degrees, while water temperatures started at 59 degrees and seemed to drop a few degrees throughout the day. Winds at 10 to 15 mph from the north and a constant rain fell all day long, with the barometer steady at 29.  Most of the fish were driven off the beds to an almost pre-spawn condition. 1st Place went to Huck Palmatier and Ken Knowles who caught their fish on brush hogs and worms for a winning weight of 18.72 lbs, plus they brought in the lunker of day at 6.40 lbs. 2nd Place Bob Bullen & James Brown had 16.62 lbs.  They caught all their fish off of crank baits. 3rd Place went to Jim Carlson & Matt Jennings, who were one of the few teams that reported catching fish on the beds.  They had 14.43 lbs using pig & jigs for their success. All in all everyone caught fish.




Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Huck PalmatierKen Knowles56 lbs 40 oz18 lbs 72 oz
2Bob BullenJames Brown54 lbs 90 oz16 lbs 62 oz
3Jim CarlsonGuest50 lbs 0 oz14 lbs 43 oz
4Luther Showaker54 lbs 60 oz14 lbs 12 oz
5Mike PeregrineJames Sebree54 lbs 38 oz13 lbs 40 oz
6Victor LopezAida Lopez55 lbs 11 oz13 lbs 15 oz
7Casey GriggsReserve Boat53 lbs 44 oz12 lbs 56 oz
8Kendall GriffinGuest40 lbs 0 oz12 lbs 7 oz
9Luke NickertSteve Fullerton50 lbs 0 oz9 lbs 42 oz
10Greg ThompsonJoe Rielly52 lbs 95 oz9 lbs 3 oz
11Larry KingMike Howie40 lbs 0 oz8 lbs 59 oz
12Tom Lang30 lbs 0 oz7 lbs 71 oz