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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2014 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Lake Meade - 7/12/2014

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Lake Meade - 7/12/2014

Bass-Jons' July 13, 2014 tournament was held on Lake Meade. The day had bright sunny skies, light-to-no wind, and temps in the high eighties. The barometer was steady throughout the day at 30 inches.  It should have been a tough day of fishing, however the field ended up brining in some nice limits. The winning weight of 16.90 lbs was brought in by Mike Pergrine and Huck Palmatier, while 2nd place and big fish honors was Curtis harms and Mike Howie with 16.23lbs and lunker with a nice 5.06 lb. Five teams had sacks in the double digits, and four fish over 4lbs and two 5 pounders made it to the scales. All in all, it was a hot day with some good fishing. Reports at the weigh in had fish taken on soft plastics, top water and jig & pig. 



Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Mike PeregrineHuck Palmatier54 lbs 79 oz16 lbs 90 oz
2Curtis HarmsMike Howie55 lbs 6 oz16 lbs 23 oz
3Vic LopezAida Lopez54 lbs 1 oz14 lbs 28 oz
4Larry KingJoe Reilly54 lbs 32 oz14 lbs 26 oz
5Bob BullenCasey Griggs54 lbs 26 oz11 lbs 54 oz
6Greg Thompson52 lbs 29 oz7 lbs 9 oz
7Steve FullertonRobert Brown30 lbs 0 oz6 lbs 4 oz