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Home Bass-Jons Tournament Results 2014 Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Blackwater/Joyners Bridge - 9/20/2014

Bass-Jons Tournament Results - Blackwater/Joyners Bridge - 9/20/2014


 The last tournament of the summer turned out to be another fun event for Bass-Jons' anglers. The weather was very comfortable in the mid-seventies with a mild breeze blowing most of the day. The water level and current flow were about normal for the Blackwater River at Joyner’s Bridge this time of the year. The fishing was very good for most anglers. While no big hawgs were brought to the scales, anglers reported high numbers of fish caught throughout the day. Casey and his guest brought in the winning sack with 12.15 lbs. Jim Carlson and Jordan Bell had the big fish of the day at 3.33 lbs., beating Mike P’s big fish by .02 lbs. Jim Carlson and Jordan also pulled in 2nd place with 9.25 lbs. Mike Peregrine managed 3rd with 8.94 lbs. Anglers reported catching fish on a variety of top water lures, jigs and soft plastics.




Place Angler1 Angler2 NumberOfFish BigFish Total
1Casey Griggs52 lbs 69 oz12 lbs 15 oz
2Jim CarlsonJordan Bell53 lbs 33 oz9 lbs 25 oz
3Mike Peregrine53 lbs 31 oz8 lbs 94 oz
4Victor LopezAida Lopez53 lbs 11 oz8 lbs 56 oz
5Luther Showaker52 lbs 3 oz8 lbs 23 oz
6Larry KingJames Brown51 lbs 94 oz8 lbs 9 oz
7Luke NickertSteve Mikolaitis50 lbs 0 oz7 lbs 56 oz
8Steve Fullerton50 lbs 0 oz6 lbs 24 oz
9Dave EvansSue Evans51 lbs 78 oz4 lbs 30 oz