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Do you want to get involved in competitive tournament bass fishing?  Are you trying to improve your fishing and and learn about the local lakes/rivers from some of the area's best anglers?  Do you want to fish with your son/daugher/spouse in a competitive, yet friendly atmosphere without spending alot on entry fees?

If the answer to any of those questions is "Yes", then Bass-Jons would be the perfect club for you.  Bass-Jons is the only club in the area that offers membership options for boaters, non-boaters, and family members at a low cost.  Our motto is "Share the Knowledge", as our goal is to make all the anglers in our club and in our community better fishermen through competition and through information distribution.  After all, this sport is much more fun when you catch fish.  Our low entry fees and dues ensure that the competition remains friendly.  Make no mistake, the anglers in Bass-Jons want to win every time they are on the water, and some of the best anglers in the area fish with Bass-Jons.  You will have the opportunity to fish with different anglers at each event and talk about your day at the weigh-ins, including specific baits and techniques used to catch fish.  We hold a Classic at the end of the season where we pay out the money from dues in our treasury, and we also hand out Angler of the Year, Co-Angler of the Year, Junior Angler of the Year, and Lunker of the Year awards.

Membership dues are $25 per angler ($50 for family plan), and tournament entry fees are only $10 per boat (usually paid by the non-boater member), which is paid out at the tournament for the big fish.  Our membership options include Boater, Non-Boater, and Family Plan (for anglers to fish with their spouse or children / immediate family member).  Note: we must maintain a good number of boaters compared to non-boaters to ensure that our non-boaters have available angling opportunities.  

If you are interested in joining, email me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Bass-Jons membership for the 2018 season is currently open to Boaters and non-boaters.  Those wishing to join as Boater members can activate immediately and fish the next tournament.